Saturday, 28 March 2009

Silent Saturday

Not mush wrapping going on today: twenty minutes of tibetan rucksack with ulli, ten minutes of FWCC with ulli and a bit of lily on the hip. No pics, sorry!

Forgotten Friday

I totally forgot to tell you about the wraps we used last friday!
Well, wrapwise it was a boring day to be honest. We used Ulli (see a few posts back for pictures of the most beautiful colored wrap there is) to bring the big sister to the daycarecenter and after that it was lilylilylily.
On my hip with a slipknot and as rucksack.
Love that wrap. Love it love it love it!
Sorry about the fuzzy picture. I'm still struggling with the small mirror that also hangs a bit too high.
One day I will find the perfect spot to take a picture using the selftimer. A spot without a thousand toys, fighting cats or pencilstained wallpaper in the background!

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Thursday = wrapsellingday

We started this day with Indio Primula. As you cannot see in the next picture because of the lack of light. But hey, it was the best picture of the sevenhundred I took so bear with me.
The little sister is all wrapped up in a double hammock carry. Pretty comfy and very wiggleproof!

We had a very wet and active walk outside to get the big sister to loose some energy and when we got back the mailman was just arriving with a lovely present! Nice and thin and even fresh from the box super supple so perfect for a simple hipcarry with a (surprisingly small) slipknot.
And since I have the policy that if I want something new I have to sell stuff to raise funds I have a few lovely wraps for sale:

From left to right on the picture:

Ellaroo LaRae, 3,80 m.
She's lost the typical ellaroo-crispness. Nice summer wrap and perfect to throw in you (diaper)bag for emergency-toddler-renstraint rucksacks. (ask me how I found that out *sigh*)

girasol # 2. I just mesured it at 4,40 m.
Old weave so really supple and flannellike soft.

Hoppediz La Paz, 4,6 m.
I love this wrap for my heavy toddler. It is sturdy and a bit wider than most wraps. Nice papa-wrap!

Medley Rio, 4,10 m. on the short rail, 5,50 m. on the long rail.

Prices are ex. shipping from the Netherlands. Non smoking, petfriendly household. I can wash and iron before shipping if preferred.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009


We had another pfaumoment this morning when we used the violet-white goodness to bring the big sister to daycare.

Look at that little bonnet, isn't it cute? I bought it *here*, so the little sister would look all cute and rosy at her great grandmothers birthday. And at the same time would be a bit sheltered from all the cheekpinching and commenting seniors. A hat really helps with that in my opinion.

It does look like a pretty simple knit so I guess I will make a few of them out of the spare hanks of cotton that are occupying my stash.

The little sister is still a bit under the weather so for most of the day she nursed herself back to health in zinnober, using "the coolest hip cross carry" with part of the wrap pulled over her head for warmth and support.

Zinnober... oh how I love thee Zinnober... Soft and cuddly and cosy. It is the ultimate comfortfood in wrapform.

Now I'm off to enjoy the few spare moments of silence while the big sister is at daycare, office man (yes, he insisted to be called this way online) is at work and the little sister is sleeping. Dinner is cooked, the room is as clean as I want it to be and I have a full archive of pioneer woman's blog to read. Yum!

I love pioneer woman. I want to be her, marry her, be her daughter and cook with her.
Since that's not really possible I'll settle for her blog and so should you. Go read it. Now!

Edit: We also had a bit of Ulli today, to try out Jordan's back carry.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Bohemian Wrapsody

Just as the song is made of a big jumble of words that don't really mean anything my girls and I have a big jumble of wraps and other babycarriers that we use almost every day (hows THAT for a bridge!).

Want to follow along and see which ones we use each day?

/insert Jeremy Clarkson's voice:

Some say she is more of dishcloth than a wrap. Others claim she is just a big PLO scarf.
All we know is that she is called.....


And she has nothing to do with the PLO but can be pretty handy when it comes to doing the dishes.
But only to keep you children out of the way, of course. There will come a time when my girls are too big to be constrained with a mere wrap. But hey, then they're probably big enough to do the dishes themselves!

Both girls are battling a bit of a cold, making them extra cranky. So for almost every minute of this day one of them has been safely wrapped up to keep them from hurting each other and giving them the opportunity to get some rest without having to lay down which would cause them to cough.

Pfau is such a great wrap. I wasn't too sure about the design on the swatch or at pictures (uhuh, it does look a tiny bit like a dishcloth or a PLO scarf, doesn't it?) but in real life it looks just drop dead gorgeous. And it wraps really, REALLY great. If you have the opportunity to get a pfau I would suggest you give it a go. You won't be disappointed!

I wonder what lovely piece of cloth we will be using tomorrow!

Monday, 9 March 2009


According to zuster Klivia (I'm sorry, this is kind of a dutch-readings only thing), peace would come when everyone would pick up knitting.
Wouldn't it be nice to see all the people in parliament working on their socks, shawls or sweaters while discussing all the important stuff?

I thought I'd heard most of the songs from Ja zuster nee zuster but this one I never heard. It's lovely, not only because of the lyrics but the music is pretty sweet too!

Speaking of peace and pretty sweet things: look at this!

Pretty sweet man, pretty sweet song and even prettier: look at him wearing his son!
It makes me kinda sad to think about how a man who could make music as lovely as this just isn't here anymore. How stupid is that, I wasn't even born when he was murdered and it is not as if there isn't a ton of music to listen to. I guess I've always had a soft spot for the beatles!

Thursday, 5 March 2009


This week I'm in wrapheaven. I sold a wrap (didy waves sinfony 7), giving me the resources to buy one back.
I also had one of those impulsvictories where you check the wrapsection on german ebay out of habit, see a limited edition wrap that will auction off in two minutes and think "what the heck, I'll just make an absurd low offer".
I ended up being the highest bidder so that was wrap number two for this week.

And to top it off, M.'s grandma send me some money for my birthday and combined with another birthdaygift I all of the sudden could buy myself a brand new, crisp out of the box wrap.

I swear, I giggle everytime I think about all those nice fluffies coming this way. Is that childish? I guess it is.
But hey, at least my collection is there for a good cause. The youngest daughter is a happy, smiling baby but only when she can be very *very* close to me for the biggest part of the day. Otherwise she panicks.
So she is in a wrap or sling for hours every day and she sleeps next to me so she can nurse when needed. Not that she does that at night, to my big surprise. I guess that the possibility for her to do so and the knowledge that I'm that close to her are giving her enough confidence to sleep until morning.

Having to babywear though most of the day makes it necessary to have a few wraps and/or slings. To exchange in case of babyspit, the need for another method of wearing or just because you would like another color for the day.
Wraps are more like clothing to me than most of my clothing is, at the moment, so I'm happy with my stash of fluffy goodness!

Anyway (can you see that both children are sleeping, there is nothing better to do that sit quietly and ramble away on my blog!), Storch Ulli 4.6 (yes!!!! finally!!!) and impuls didymos indio tulpe 4.2 are on their way.
Didymos woolen indio in the yummy color zinnober arrived this morning, together with eldest daughter's first didymos wrap. You can never start to early, eh?!

To quote her: "a parcel, a parcel, a parcel, a parcel!!!! I think it is for me, mum!!!! It is NOT a wrap! it is for ME and it is NOT A WRAP"

oops.... I think she's a bit sick of parcels that contain those boring wraps instead of nice presents for her!

But unfortunately for her:
However, the disappointment was gone when it turned out that there was indeed a present for her!

Her very own didymos katja dollwrap. Don't you just love that colorway?
The best part for me, however, was the lovey soft and squishy wool wrap inside the box.... Oh man.... it is every bit as wonderfull as I hoped it would be.

Thin and supple, yet supportive. And it has that great ability that wool has of being warm and cosy without being too warm. Love it!

It was really hard to get a nice actionpicture since both girls were screaming their lungs out so this will have to do ;)
The color is hard to describe. I thought it would be either a horrible shade of orange or very salmonpinklike so I planned to dye it pink.
But it is just perfect as it is, a lovely earthy reddish orange.