Wednesday, 21 October 2009


4701, love of my life and father of my children, etc. etc. etc., has written a bit about the stuff we went through last week.

You can read it *here*

I would like to thank you all for the kind e-mails you sent. /kiss

Saturday, 10 October 2009


I'm sitting here eating kruidnoten and flipping through ravelry.
M. is on his way to his parents house after a call from his brother. My father in law, who is very ill is having trouble breathing and the future doesn't look good.

So to take my mind of of things I'm looking at knittingpatterns. Silly how they can always calm me down. I guess it is the preciseness of the way stit

ches come together
to form something.
While browsing my eye fell on this stunning beauty:

You can find out more about it *here*, it is a kit from knitpicks

OMG! Isn't that lovely? I'm glad it is a bit too expensive at the moment 'cause otherwise I might be tempted and that would be a bad thing since a) a bag like this would be a waste with all the kiddystuff that would find its way in and on it. And b) I don't have the quiet time at the moment to knit something that requires this level of precision.
But gosh, it sure is stunning.

M. just texted: he has arrived at his parents house. I think will go to bed now, who knows what tomorrow will bring...


*She* is organizing a swap and *she* has been chosen to be my swapmate.
How exciting!

My head is going buzzbuzzbuzz with all the ideas flowing and growing. My heart is going pitter pat with the great feeling of sort-of-strangers making something for each other. And my hands are finally motivated to clear out the crafttable and free my sewingmachine and knittingneedles.

Thanks, Guusje!

BTW, have you seen the name of her daughter? I had exactly that name in mind for my youngest but M. vetoed it. I got to keep Juniper as her second name though!