Friday, 8 January 2010

Uh oh!

As Daan was so kind to point out, I still owe you some pics of the lovely things Pien made for me in the latest swap.

I told a bit more about it *here* but I still had to upload the pics.

So here they are. Am I spoiled or what?!

Thanks, Pien!

Think pink

A few months ago, no pardon me: more then a year ago I had a bad fit of pregnancy nestling urges. I wanted everythink clean, tidy and white.



What WAS I thinking? For the love of God, why didn't anyone stop me? Why didn't anyone say 'Owlet, you know you are going to regret this. You have never ever had a white wall. Your various rooms have always been red, pink, purple or any other color except white. Or blue.
Stop it right now and go knit something cute and pink'

But nooooooo... everyone was smart and stayed safely away from the pregnant lady.

So up until this morning the walls were white. And dirty looking because nothing in this house can stay white for long.

Every morning I would stumble to the livingroom and cringe. How could this have happened? This wasn't me, this was grownup and boring. Boooooooring.

beloved toddler had decided that one of the walls could serve just fine as her own private canvas which made the cringe-effect even worse because now it did not only look boring but also neglected and dirty.

Time for some change!

This morning I digged through all the leftover paint
buckets and came up with a bit of white, some pink and a tiny bit of stone red.

Just enough to first give the drawings a coat of white, then paint the whole wall pink and last glaze it with a diluted wash of red.
I like it! Even though the drawings came right through the paint... It is warm and cosy and oh so more ME.

The christmastree (look at all those birds, my eldest picked them all out herself!) all of the sudden looks like it belongs there, I think I will water it and keep it a bit longer.

I finally rememberd that I still had some wallstickers from Ikea waiting to be sticked on to the wall so my eldest and I took turns sticking the flowers to the wall. Fun!

I'm pretty sure that my little sister will now sigh and declare that it will never be possible for me to have a "grown up house", as she calls it.

Well.... screw that! I don't want to be a grown up if that means I have to live in a white house.

And if I ever get pregnant again,
please lock away all paintbrushes or wallpaper. Unless it is PIP wallpaper, then go right ahead and help me plaster it to the walls!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010


I've made my share of meitai's and podaegi's through the years but I've never made a wrapconversion before.
But there is a first time for anything and when one of my handdyed wraps for some reason didn't sell I offered to turn it into a meitai.
And voila, ten minutes after I made that offer someone was interested.

So here it is: hoppediz casablanca, handdyed in a hot pink to soft pink gradation and converted in to a maitai.

It has padded straps, padding where the legs of the baby rest and a formed sleephood. All in all a very comfortable carrier and I'm more then tempted to keep it.

Let's hope the person who ordered it likes it as much as I do!

And nooooo that isn't a real baby strapped to the chair. It is weighted doll used for babywearingdemo's ;)