Saturday, 14 November 2009


I's getting colder and colder so it is time for some flannel pj's. We all have them, even 4701, and on those sparse weekenddays that have nothing to do (like today) we lounge in them all day. They're warm and cosy, especially when combined with a hot latte and a handfull of pepernoten.

So today we did absolutely nothing and it was bliss.
4701 played his world of warcraft and some funnylooking onlineshooterthingy. I replayed Zelda Majora's mask after I finally found a wii-compatible copy on the brittish ebay.

And the ducklings... well... they did nothing what normal, healthy children should be doing. They didn't play outside, they didn't build legofortresses and the didn't play with dolls.
Instead they mimicked their parents and did absolutely nothing. The eldest watched some nick jr. And some more nick jr. and after that even MORE nick jr. And the
youngest took a real long nap and topped that off with another long nap.
Aaaahhh... weeeeekeeeeeeend!

But tomorrow is a different day. Probably not for 4701 and the eldest duckling, I guess they will just hang in front of different screens all day and eat fishfingers.

But the youngest and I will be in the train to at an ungodly hour so we can man the stand of LaLecheLeague at the Ouders Natuurlijk fair. Feel free to come and say hi if you're there!

BTW. See these two cuties? The rascal on the left is our youngest daughter, the timid angel on the right our eldest. Same flannel PJ's, same age, same face. Totally different girls though!