Saturday, 13 November 2010

For sale!

I need to gather some funds for something so the last babycarrier I made can go to a new home.

It is a wrapconversion, meaning that it is made using a wrap. In this case a didymos calendula. Because of this it is more soft and supple than a mei tai made from normal fabric.

The body is lightly padded and then quilted, making it really comfy.
It has a rounded neckpiece that gives support to a sleeping head but can also be folded down to support a (newborn) neck.

The straps are 12 cm's wide on the shoulders but flare out to wide "wrap style" straps than can be used to give more support. Just like a wrap but without all the hassle!

The straps are 180 cm's long which is a bit on the short side if you are plus sizes person and you want to wear a big toddler on the front. It is, however, perfectly fine for a backcarry for all sizes and front- and backcarry for smaller mama's and papa's.

I.e. I wear a size 14 (us) / 44 (eu) and I can just squeeze in a wrapped front carry with my two year old toddler, tying in the ends of the straps.
A backcarry uses less fabric and so does using the straps not spread out.

In short: if you are wearing a size 14 (us) / 44 (eu) or larger and you want to wear your baby on the front then this is perhaps not the right carrier for you. If you are wearing a smaller size and/or you want to wear your child on your back then this carrier will suit you just fine!

I know that most mei tai's are not recommended for newborns or very young baby's but this one is extra wide. In combination with the wrapstyle straps, the padded body and the necksupport you can easily position a newborn in it.

Because of that extra width it is also very comfortable with a two year old!

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  1. Mooi gemaakt! En heel mooie kleuren! Ik hoop dat je er snel een goed (t)huis voor vindt.